Roti Kapda Makaan

A JS package which generates unique combinations of hinglish words.
Next time you want to share a unique id, you might as well share

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Made with ❤️ from India, for India!

Easy to share ids for your users

Your application has created that order or that customer complaint, and now you want to share its unique id to them.

Well you can skip sharing that UUID or any other combination of random characters like X Æ A-12


Pure JS, easy to use and simple interface. Simply download using npm or use CDN and you are good to go.

Each id represents 32 bit of information. Making the possibillities of ids upwards of 4 billion!


Your hinglish users can easily share back that id with you when needed. It also adds that fun element to your interaction which users might enjoy!

Hinglish isn't a language that's used everywhere. So your multilingial app won't benefit from it. It might be better to stick to english in that case!